Project 8.1 The Transistor Amplifier

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Project 8.1 The Transistor Amplifier

This is the support page for the Transistor Amplifier project in Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects.

Parts List:

The following list provides links to suppliers that sell components needed for this project. These links are intended to make finding the parts a little easier for those of you new to electronics. However most parts needed to build these projects can be obtained from various suppliers, you should chose the supplier best for you.

  • Resistors
    • One 1 kΩ, 0.25-watt resistor
    • One 100 Ω, 0.25-watt resistor
    • One 15 kΩ, 0.25-watt resistor
    • One 2.2 kΩ, 0.25-watt resistor
    • One 3.3 kΩ, 0.25-watt resistor
    • One 220 Ω, 0.25-watt resistor
    • One 68 kΩ, 0.25-watt resistor
    • One 8.2 kΩ, 0.25-watt resistor
  • One 0.1 F capacitor
  • One lab type power supply or 9-volt battery
  • One function generator.
  • One oscilloscope
  • One 2N3904 transistor
  • One PN2222 transistor
  • Two breadboards


Color Photos:

Transistor amplifier circuit

Breadboarded Transistor Amplifier; Circuit # 1

Breadboard transistor amplifier

Breadboarded Transistor Amplifier; Circuit #3


Testing breadboarded transistor amplifier circuit with function generator and oscilloscope

Testing breadboarded transistor amplifier with function generator and oscilloscope.

Oscilloscope trace from transistor amplifier circuit

Oscilloscope trace from transistor amplifier circuit; input sine wave (upper) and output sine wave (lower)

Oscilloscope controls, measuring the transistor amplifier