Electronics Discussion Forums

The Electronics Lab website has discussion forums on several topics including project design, electronics theory and microcontrollers.

The Discover Circuits website has discussion forums on many electronics topics including sensors, circuit design, radio frequency circuits. 

The All About Circuits website has a Projects forum where you can see what others are working on and request ideas if you have a problem with one of your projects.

The Electro Tech Online website has very active discussion forums on electronics projects and general electronics issues.

The EEWeb discussion forum is used by both hobbyists and engineers, a good place to ask questions about a wide range of electronics topics.

The element14 discussion forum has both general discussions and experts available to field questions.

The eham.net Forum website has discussions on amateur radio topics.

The DIYstompboxes website has a discussion forum called Building Your Own Stompbox where you can ask for suggestions when you run into a problem (as we all do) in building your music special effect projects.