Electronics Component Suppliers

I've put together these links to the suppliers we listed in Electronics Projects For Dummies, plus a few extra. Even if you don't buy my book (that probably means you borrowed it from a friend) these suppliers are worth checking out and these links to suppliers will make your electronics projects life a little easier.

Large Distributors

Mouser Electronics

Digi-key Corporation

Jameco Electonics



Smaller Specialty Distributors

Reynolds Electronics sells microcontrollers, radio frequency and infrared remote control modules, sensors and various robotic components.

Carl's Electronics sells kits for a wide range of electronics projects.

Hobby Engineering sells robotic components, sensors, radio frequency modules,  and various components. They are a vendor of very nice series of universal circuit boards by One Pass, Inc.

Spark Fun Electronics sells robotic components, sensors and many other components. This site is worth browsing to see the latest things they have come up with.

Electronics Chain Stores

Radio Shack has stores in most U.S. cities carrying electronic components.

Fry's Electronics has stores in 9 states carrying electronics components.


Good Sites for Bargains

Electronic Goldmine is a good place to browse for discounted components.


Robotics Shops

Budget Robotics makes and sells robot hardware.

Solarbotics Ltd sells robot kits and various components.