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The Building Gadgets Website intended as a resource for hobbyists building electronic projects.

Who's Who

BuildingGadgets.com is owned by Hawk's Perch Technical Writing, LLC and published by Earl Boysen. Earl is the co-author of All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide (with Harry Kybett) and the 2nd edition of Nanotechnology For Dummies (with Nancy Boysen) which is will be available in August 2011.

Earl worked for 20 years in the semiconductor industry. He has a Masters degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Virginia, and has designed, wired, and built two houses in the Pacific Northwest.

Earl caught reading science fiction again when he should be building gadgets

Our Loyal Staff

My wonderful wife, Nancy Boysen, is the Editor and Artistic Director for BuildingGadgets.com. (In addition, she puts up with me).

Our cat and dog, Gracie and Bryn, are in charge of the Purrs and Woofs department.

The Rest of the Story...

Where the heck did you get a name like's Hawk's Perch? While building my house one day I went up to the second floor, which had only end rafters on it, and saw a hawk perched on the point of a rafter. Hence my house is Hawk's Perch, and my company is Hawk's Perch Technical Writing.

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