Lecture Notes - Chapter 5

(These Lecture Notes are for courses using the book the Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects. Instructors of courses using that text are permitted to use these Lecture Notes as-is or adapt them for their use).

Fundamentals of AC Circuits

  • The Generator
    •   Discuss the sine wave (figure 5.1).
    • Introduce the term; function generator.
    • Introduce the terms; Vrms, Vpp, and Vp (figure 5.3). 
      • Discuss the equations for Vrms, Vpp, and Vp.
    • Introduce the terms; cycle, and period (figure 5.4).
  • Resistors in AC Circuits
    • Discuss the use of Ohm's law with AC signals.
      • If voltage is given in rms, then calculated current is in rms, and vs. versa.
      • If voltage is given in peak-to-peak, then calculated current is in peak-to-peak, and vs. versa.
    • Review the use of the voltage divider equation with AC signals (figure5.5).
  • Capacitors in AC Circuits
    • Introduce the term; reactance.
      • Introduce the equation for the reactance of a capacitor (XC).
      • The unit of measurement for reactance is ohms ().
    • Discuss the voltage divider circuit consisting of a resistor and a capacitor (figure 5.6).
  • Using the Oscilloscope
    • Review the parameters that an oscilloscope can measure
    • Discuss the control panel settings
    • Review how to measure the period of a waveform.
      • Show the equation to determine frequency from the period.
    • Discuss the use of two channels to capture waveforms at two locations in a circuit.
      • Discuss how to measure the amplitude of a waveform.
      • Introduce the term phase shift.
  • The Inductor in an AC Circuit
    • Introduce the term; inductor.
    • Review the equation for the reactance of an inductor (XL).
  • Resonance
    • Introduce the term; resonance frequency.
      • For a circuit containing both a capacitor and an inductor in series the resonance frequency is the frequency at which XC = XL.
    • Discuss the equation to calculate the resonance frequency.
    • Introduce filters and oscillators as circuits for which calculation of the resonance frequency is necessary.


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